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What if your team could identify the location of your valuable assets or if those assets were being used, all by opening an app? Midwest Fleet & Safety can alleviate the headaches that come with fleet management with our innovative on-demand, fleet tracking technology. 

Did you know that as much as 20% of a company’s assets could be unaccounted for? For smaller businesses, that’s a scary thought. Assets that have gone unaccounted for could be eating into potential profits or creating greater liabilities. With fleet tracking technology, you’ll have real-time tracking when and where you need it, and from anywhere in the world. This intel allows you to make business decisions without guessing.

Midwest Fleet & Safety has GPS technology for all sized companies. If you want to track trailers or construction equipment, we have options starting at less than $9.99 a month. Maybe you’re looking for something more robust that allows you to create custom alerts and exhibits driver behavior, our advanced technology starts at $19.99. As your telematics needs change, we have a variety of affordable solutions featuring the most advanced 4G technology to fit your needs.

What are

Fleet Solutions?

From one company to the next, a fleet can vary from a couple of cars to a half dozen vans, or up to several hundred. Fleets could also include railway vehicles, watercraft, and even aircraft. At Midwest Fleet & Safety, we can also service trailers, construction, and farm equipment. Whatever you want to track and protect, we can help.

As your fleet grows and becomes more complex, there becomes a greater need for efficiency and protection of your assets.



If your company-owned vehicle is idling for 3 hours per day while an employee completes their task

(assume each vehicle burns 1 gallon of fuel per hour)

@ $3.50 per gallon of fuel

3 X $3.50 per gallon = $10.50 savings per day

**Most service vehicles idle 2-4 hours per day**


Monthly Savings

Based on a 20 day work month, your company’s potential monthly savings would be……

$ 10.50 fuel savings per day X 20 day work month = $210.00 fuel savings per month


Yearly Savings

$210.00 monthly fuel savings X 12 months per = $2,520 annual fuel savings per vehicle

Individual company savings will vary. Northern Fleet Solutions makes no guarantees as to exact monthly savings. 

The above calculations are based on assumptions. 


Fleet Tracking Capabilities

GPS vehicle tracking technology is used by companies of all sizes to improve fuel efficiency, productivity, accountability, and provide transparency for clients. These types of improvements can yield substantial savings. The average company who installs GPS tracking technology sees a drop in fuel costs of between 15% and 25%. Just imagine the impact that could have on your bottom line.

  • Vehicle speed
  • Direction vehicle is headed
  • Location
  • Driver and or Vehicle ID
  • Geofencing
  • Automatic (custom alerts)
  • Alerts when vehicle starts moving
  • Provide maintenance updates


AirIQ FleetTM provides the tools to protect and extend the lifespan of your assets. AirIQ’s enterprise grade service scheduling technology minimizes risk and liability – protecting your assets, reducing fleet maintenance costs and improving productivity – thereby streamlining your service and maintenance scheduling. AirIQ is your partner in maximizing asset utilization and lifespan.

Window Tint

Window film not only enhances the look of a car, house, or office, it also helps reduce energy costs. Additionally, automotive window tinting can make a car up to 60% cooler during the summertime than vehicles without window tinting, helping to increase the car’s gas mileage. Tinting benefits include:

  • Safety Privacy – Prevent break-ins
  • UV protection – Prevents the interior from becoming damaged from the sun
  • Comfort – Keeps your vehicle cooler in the summer Aesthetics

Trailer Hitches

Wherever you’re headed and whatever you’re bringing along for the adventure, we have a hitch for the job. Our USA-made trailer hitches are built for vehicle-specific application, finished with industry-leading rust protection, tested for safety to SAE J684 and installed by our certified technicians.

Cruise Controls

Adaptive cruise-control can automatically slow down or speed up a truck based on traffic conditions. With a built in collision warning system, the “smart cruise” also features a new radar design, more effective side sensors for monitoring a truck’s blind side, and the ability to track vehicles.


Whether you need to gather facts about a collision, verify service, or ensure compliance, use video evidence from cloud-connected cameras to take action.

Find exactly what you need, when you need it. Search by time, date, or event and select the clip that tells the full story so you can get back to business.

Video evidence lets you see what really happened, which can help you exonerate drivers and ultimately save money on insurance claims.

Fleet Solutions


When it comes to managing multiple jobs, several crews, dozens of vehicles, and other assets, Midwest Fleet & Safety helps you gain control of the things that are easy to lose track of.

  • Greater productivity
  • Improved employee safety
  • Staff accountability
  • Transparency with billing and estimates
  • Reliable asset protection
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Customizable and user friendly software
  • Simple and easy analytics and reporting
  • Extend lifespan of assets

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