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What if your team could identify the location of your valuable assets or if those assets were being used, all by opening an app? Midwest Fleet & Safety can alleviate the headaches that come with fleet management with our innovative on-demand, fleet tracking technology. 

Did you know that as much as 20% of a company’s assets could be unaccounted for? For smaller businesses, that’s a scary thought. Assets that have gone unaccounted for could be eating into potential profits or creating greater liabilities. With fleet tracking technology, you’ll have real-time tracking when and where you need it, and from anywhere in the world. This intel allows you to make business decisions without guessing.

Midwest Fleet & Safety has GPS technology for all sized companies. If you want to track trailers or construction equipment, we have options starting at less than $9.99 a month. Maybe you’re looking for something more robust that allows you to create custom alerts and exhibits driver behavior, our advanced technology starts at $19.99. As your telematics needs change, we have a variety of affordable solutions featuring the most advanced 4G technology to fit your needs.

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