Analyze and protect your fleet with the AirIQ Real-Time Camera and Telematics Solution


Get alerted when Driver’s become distracted or an emergency event occurs.


Automatically receive video clips when a selected safety parameter is hit.


Robust Reports available to ensure you have a clear picture of your fleets activity.

Capture both forward facing and in cab real-time footage

The IQ-Cam captures a complete live view visual, providing full operational insight.

AI integration for detection of distracted driving

Whether your Drivers are texting, looking out their side windows or their eyes are off the road due to fatigue, the AirIQ Camera solution will send a distracted alert to both you and your Driver.

Live Real-Time Tracking

Have one solution that’s multi-capable. That’s what the IQ-Cam is about. This stand-alone device makes it perfect for capturing the complete video image, breadcrumb trail tracking and fleet management of your assets.

Retrieve footage at any point

Click and save video events. Video events are stored on AirIQ Fleet for 30 days, so you can retrieve and save your content however you would like.

Manual button included for emergency situations or event documentation

Need proof of delivery or arrival at a job site? Have an emergency you need to ensure is recorded? Simply press the record button, and the Camera will secure 5 seconds of video footage before and after the button is pressed.

Video Image Stabilization

Commercial grade, designed for commercial fleets to ensure video is clear and smooth without disturbances. Don’t be fooled by cameras that can be purchased from big box stores.

Easily installed on your windshield

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3… in 10 minutes you can have your camera set up and ready to go! Simply stick onto your windshield, connect the wires and you’re set!

Vibration Detection

The IQ-Cam will detect vibration on your asset. Meaning if someone is trying to break into your asset, the IQ-Cam will turn on both forward facing and in-cab lenses and begin recording.

The IQ-Cam Benefits

  • Exoneration of wrong doing
  • Increase safety by reducing incidents
  • Get full visibility of your assets
  • Understand driving conditions
  • Place an “extra” set of eyes on the road
  • Get automatically notified if an emergency occurs

Resulting In

  • Decreased insurance premiums
  • Increased asset security and liability coverage
  • Lower fleet maintenance costs
  • And much more!

Take Advantage of The IQ-Cam


Increase Driver Safety


Stay Organized


Decrease Liability Costs

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