Fleet tracking services and technology

Fleet tracking devices have quickly become an indispensable business tool. Delivery services, like UPS and FedEx, use GPS tracking technology to provide customers with reliable, up-to-date delivery information. Public transportation services utilize GPS to keep drivers on schedule. HVAC companies use it to provide transparency on billing. Regardless of industry, companies with larger fleets use these devices to make better dispatching decisions. Construction and restoration companies, use it to protect their assets. The list of reasons to use GPS for your fleet is long. 

With so many fleet technology options, where do you start?

A company that utilizes GPS tracking as part of its daily fleet management will see a considerable ROI, and within a matter of weeks or months. GPS trackers can help reduce mileage for local fleets by as many 25 miles per week, per vehicle. At $1.50 per mile, that equals huge savings for a sizable fleet. 

How Companies Use GPS Tracking:

GPS tracking serves a multitude of purposes and is used for its many benefits, including:

  • Access location data, which offers peace of mind while assets are moving between destinations
  • Track utilization, to avoid wasting or underusing certain assets
  • Idle time, which cost companies thousands each year
  • Track runtime for pieces of equipment (i.e. forklifts), which can help verify payroll
  • Some common features of most GPS trackers include:
  • Driver performance evaluations
  • Dispatching – Ability to find the vehicle closest to a specific location
  • Geofences and alerts when drivers move beyond an established route boundary
  • Establish of points of interest, for quick reference
  • Reports about the fleet’s maintenance history
  • Automated schedules, actions (i.e. receiving specific performance reports via email)

How GPS Tracking Works

Utilizing GPS tracking is relatively easy.  In most cases, the device will be installed in a vehicle or attached to a piece of equipment or trailer.  The tracker gathers numerous data points – speed, idle time, location information, and diagnostics, to name a few.  All of this information is first stored on the tracking device, then transmitted using a wireless or cellular network.  The information gets stored in the cloud and can be accessed by your company via the device of your choice (i.e. computer, tablet, or smartphone).

At Midwest Fleet and Safety we use a wired device that is small, easy to install.


There’s no question – GPS tracking is essential for any business with valuable assets to track.  From location to utilization, there’s a trove of data that you can use to reduce costs and make the best decisions for your company.  If you want to increase your efficiency, productivity and protect your assets please call or email more information on GPS Tracking/Asset Protection and all available options, contact Northern Fleet Solutions today to discuss your needs.

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