A 360° View on Safety – Ted SPEAKS Podcast Interview

Our Co-Founder, Chris Burns was recently featured on the Ted SPEAKS podcast with host Ted Carew. Chris talked about our startup journey, how we evolved into the safety industry, and what the business is currently doing to help companies double down on safety, and build efficiencies. We invite you to take a listen.

About Ted SPEAKS:

Ted Speaks is a venue where we can collaborate with other professionals in the health and safety industry and share valuable information with our listeners.

Ted Carew has been in the health and safety industry for over 20 years. In his podcast, he talks with other health and safety professionals to cover important topics related to the industry.

As the owner of Total Health & Safety Solutions, I realize, as do all of you listening, the importance of a strong health and safety process in any business.

During the podcasts, Ted and his guest’s ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and work towards a common goal – making the workplace a healthy and safe environment, especially in today’s world.

Ted Speaks believes in staying positive and even throwing in a little humor now and then.

Sometimes when we approach even the serious topics in life with a positive attitude and a laugh or two, we can accomplish so much more and motivate others to do the same.

Listen to all their episodes at the following link.