The Truth About Fleet Tracking
Telematics Myths Busted

Top 9 Telematics Myths Busted

If your company doesn’t use GPS tracking technology, there is likely a good reason or two why you haven’t yet made the investment.

Telematics is a $4.1 billion dollar industry and it’s growing rapidly. There are many reasons for its growth and popularity. On the flip side, there are still many misconceptions regarding the technology. We find that once our clients are educated, its a no brainer investment. so let’s take 10 minutes to walk you some common myths.
Breaking down the most common misconceptions with GPS tracking devices

1) GPS Tracking is too expensive – FALSE

Our GPS tracking devices cost $19.99 per month which happens to be at least $10 less than most competitors. While that can add up if you have a larger fleet, these devices can pay for themselves in the first 2-3 months if the data is being leveraged to make intelligent business decisions. Some businesses use the data to build more efficient routes, others use it for making dispatching decisions, and many of our clients rely on the idle kill feature to help them save thousands of dollars in fuel annually.

2) My employees will think I’m spying on them – FALSE

While it might seem intrusive at first, your employees will understand the importance and value telematics provides. For example, the number one reason most companies install GPS tracking solutions is to build efficiency, which could lead to more service jobs per day which could lead to more revenue yielding more profitability. Many companies who operate at this level reinvest in new equipment and sometimes use those funds to issue bonuses or raises for performance.

3) It’s just another expense – FALSE

If you’re not using the technology then yes, it could be just another expense. However, GPS tracking devices offer so much more than just tell you where your assets are. Some of the many product features include: idle kill, geo-fencing, unsafe driving reports, vehicle speed monitoring, provide service reports, they can also indicate whether or not your drivers are wearing their seatbelt, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. With all of these features, this technology can alleviate a lot of headaches. If monitored just weekly, it’s hard to see GPS tracking devices as just another expense. 

4) It’s too time consuming – FALSE 

Some of our larger companies monitor the tracking software periodically throughout the day by having the program run in the background of their PC. On the other hand, many of our clients check it a few times a week and rely on push notifications and emails to keep them informed of important alerts. You can also rely on weekly or monthly reports to better understand the behaviors of your fleet. 

5) It’s too difficult to use – FALSE

It’s actually quite simple, and no different than using Google maps. Once we have your account and custom fields setup, we can get most of our clients trained in 30-minutes. One big thing that separates us from the competition is that we train our clients on how to use the program.

6) I need an employee to dedicated to monitoring my fleet – FALSE

In many small businesses, this is a shared responsibility between 2-3 people. Because the website and mobile app are so easy to use, there is no reason not to have multiple users on board and trained to use the program. Because the technology can be programmed to push out emails and notifications, our technology does not require constant or daily monitoring. 

7) It’s only for vans and trucks – FALSE

Our technology can and has been installed on landscaping equipment, trailers, cars, watercrafts, ATVs, construction equipment, and beyond. If you want to track something, we can help you. We have a plethora of options at various prices to serve fleets of any size and companies with any budget.  

8) My fleet is too small to use GPS – FALSE

We have clients with one vehicle and work with companies with as many as 500 assets. All of our clients are important and there isn’t any job too small. 

9) My fleet will be out of operation during the day of installation – FALSE

Part of what makes us different is that we do our maintenance and install work at night, on weekends or when your fleet isn’t at work. We understand how important it is to keep your fleet running so we’re willing to do whatever it takes to help your business be more efficient. 

There are a variety of misconceptions about telematics and these are some of the most common we hear. If you’re interested and there is something holding you back from making an investment in telematics, give us a call, we would enjoy the opportunity to help you understand how this technology works and can benefit your business.