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Benefits of Dash Cameras

What is a Dash Cam? 

At Midwest Fleet and Safety, our dash cams aka dashboard cameras or fleet dash cams. These are 2-way video cameras attached to the interior of the vehicle, often on the dashboard or rearview mirror. One camera is facing the road ahead and the other is on the inside of the cab and shows driver behavior.

These cameras are typically mounted on the inside of the windshield or just below the rearview mirror. Our product, the IQ Cam is hardwired and will turn on at any time if motion is detected, even when the vehicle is off. 

And now, these cameras fully incorporate our GPS Fleet Tracking technology. Clients have all the same tracking features, the ability to set custom notifications, maintenance alters, etc. This all-in-one product can be an absolute time saver for fleet managers. 

As you’ve already noticed in your journey of fleet management, there are a lot of benefits dashcams can provide. Let’s take a look at the top 5. 

2-Way Fleet Management Dash Cam
2-way dash camera with built-in GPS tracking capabilities

Evidence In Case Of An Accident

Unfortunately, accidents happen and the driver isn’t always at fault. If an accident occurs and you have a recording of the incident, then you have the advantage of showing the authorities and the insurance company what really happened and who was or wasn’t at fault.

Track Your Fleet Efficiently 

Dashcams offer a variety of benefits, one of them is being able to track and manage your fleet. Much like traditional GPS products, dashcams allow businesses to set up geofences as well as custom alerts, provide real-time tracking, can deliver maintenance notifications, and so much more. What businesses are starting to see is that some insurance companies are providing discounts after a year’s worth of usage.  

Imagine you have a fleet of vehicles along with a strict “no phone usage while driving” policy.  How do you enforce the policy without proof?  With a dashcam, this is impossible. And, you will be able to easily see who is driving distracted.

Dashcams help stop theft/crime

Unfortunately, employee theft and crime happen all too often. Additionally, things like hit and runs can also happen. Having a dash cam can give you the exact time and date the event happened. It can also potentially catch a license plate from an accident or hit and run. This allows law enforcement to more easily do their job. 

Employees Become More Accountable

There’s a different kind of benefit that comes from dashcams in the sense that they hold drivers accountable. When drivers know they are being watched or could be on camera, not only will they be more cognizant of their driving behaviors (such as obeying all traffic laws, speeding less, driving less aggressively), they are likely to be more productive.

Dashcams also allow the fleet operator to review anything that happens in the vehicle whether it’s on or off.

When it comes to company-owned vehicles, you can be sure that your assets are being utilized for company use only. Eliminating any unnecessary wear and tear can be huge cost savings if you have a larger fleet. 

Training and Coaching

The dashcam is a fantastic tool for training and coaching new employees. This technology allows you to see what the drivers see which means you can coach from anywhere. After a shift, you can go back over the video with the driver and show exactly where he or she could have made a better choice or highlight something great they did. When it comes to coaching, a visual example will be more impactful with a new driver as compared to an in-depth verbal session. 

Eliminate Distracted Driving

Do You Need A Dashcam

Some companies feel it’s 100% necessary to have dash cams in all of their company vehicles. It’s because they have had to deal with distracted drivers, hit and runs, and all of the other issues listed above. 

On the flip side, many companies feel confident that they can trust their staff. Even with some of the most experienced and responsible employees, these issues and many others happen. In fact, they happen to companies every day. Most companies wait until it’s a big enough headache or reoccurring issue before they choose to make the investment. And when they do they always wish they would have done it sooner. 

While dashcams may not be for everyone, there is no doubt that they can help your business build efficiencies, be more profitable, and keep your employees safe. 

For more information or questions about fleet tracking technology, GPS, or camera systems, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team.