safety equipment

Customized Camera Solutions

Regardless of industry, safety is one of the most important responsibilities of an employer. It’s a responsibility that many small to medium sized companies don’t take seriously until an accident occurs. 

Safety is our sweet spot, that’s why it’s our name. At Midwest Fleet and Safety, we offer a variety of solutions ranging from backup cameras, 360° cameras for heavy equipment, forklifts safety warning lights, and beyond. 

Forklift Camera Systems

When operating a forklift, you can be completely aware of your surroundings. However, that doesn’t mean those around you are fully aware of their surroundings. Either way, accidents happen and they are hard to prevent. At least until the invention of the 2-way camera system. By utilizing our 360° camera system with 7-inch LCD monitor,  the operator will be able to perform regular driving tasks while being fully aware of his or her surroundings. And, as a result, your employees can operate safely, efficiently, and confidently.  

 Best of all, these camera systems are affordable and can be installed in less than an hour. With a small investment in your forklift fleet, you can nearly eliminate on-site accidents, yielding greater efficiency which means more profitability. 

Vision Is Our Mission

Our system includes a 7-inch LCD monitor, 2 separate cameras, (one front-mounted, and one rear-mounted), installation, and a 3-year warranty. 

Camera Systems for Construction Equipment

Our camera systems can be customized to be 2-camera or 4-camera. Adding additional cameras can provide up to 360° of visibility which can be completely invaluable for operators in a forklift, telehandler, or other heavy equipment. We’ve built these products to endure the most challenging of conditions from the desert heat to the rugged terrain of constriction sites. Indoors or out, you can rely on our camera systems to hold up in any condition

Forklift Safety Warning Lights

In warehouses and distribution centers, efficiency is key. To guarantee efficiency, forklifts and their operators must work safely. An operator can do everything by the book but that doesn’t guarantee people around them will know they are near a moving heavy duty vehicle. 

Our safety warning lights offer people nearby greater awareness and provides operators and comfort, confidence, to perform their duties at a high level. According to OSHA, 36% of serious forklift-related injuries involve someone other than the driver. That is where the safety warning light (known as a blue light or red light) can help prevent dangerous collisions.

Our safety lights are rugged and built to withstand the tough conditions of any environment indoors or out.